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January 2020
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Record live…to vinyl.

Book your session—record in the only mobile live-to-vinyl recording studio.

What is the American Sound Truck?

The American Sound Truck is a mobile recording studio. We cut live performances direct to vinyl. Our studio is built into a 1987 Ford Econoline—it runs like a champ.

Hear your voice on vinyl

We’ve all heard ourselves recorded (one way or another), but rarely—if ever—have we heard ourselves on a vinyl record. Come aboard the American Sound Truck, walk into a 1950’s recording studio, and sing into the mic. You’ll walk out with a record—in an instant.

Vinyl. Reel-to-reel. And digital.

Vinyl isn't the sound truck’s only trick. With sound recorded through our mix of vintage/modern gear, sessions can also be captured on tape and digital multi-track. Book the truck for your next album, single, or one-off record.

Need more copies?

After your session, you’ll have the option to do a run of vinyl records. Need copies for your merch table? We can press from a single copy to 2000 copies!

Come aboard!

Reserve your session in the Sound Truck

Recording Packages


Sound Truck Session A

One sided live to vinyl recording
7" vinyl record

5 minutes max


/ hour + $5.00 per disc

Multiple Live Vinyl Records

Record several live to vinyl records, each unique with its own performance. Ultimate fan keepsake.


Sound Truck Session B

Two sided live to vinyl recording
7" vinyl record

5 minutes per side


/ hour


Book the truck per hour for your demo or album. Price includes engineer. This is an introductory rate.


Sound Truck Session C

Two sided live to vinyl recording
7" vinyl record

Instant digital copies
5 minutes per side

American Sound Truck

22 London Rd,
Asheville NC 28803

Monday to Friday: 10am - 5pm

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