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October 2020
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Record live…to vinyl.

Book your session—record in the only mobile live-to-vinyl recording studio.

What is the American Sound Truck?

The American Sound Truck is a mobile recording studio. We cut live performances direct to vinyl. Our studio is built into a 1987 Ford Econoline—it runs like a champ.

Hear your voice on vinyl

We’ve all heard ourselves recorded (one way or another), but rarely—if ever—have we heard ourselves on a vinyl record. Come aboard the American Sound Truck, walk into a 1950’s recording studio, and sing into the mic. You’ll walk out with a record—in an instant.

Vinyl. Reel-to-reel. And digital.

Vinyl isn't the sound truck’s only trick. With sound recorded through our mix of vintage/modern gear, sessions can also be captured on tape and digital multi-track. Book the truck for your next album, single, or one-off record.

Need more copies?

After your session, you’ll have the option to do a run of vinyl records. Need copies for your merch table? We can press from a single copy to 2000 copies!

Come aboard!

Reserve your session in the Sound Truck

Recording Packages


Sound Truck Session A

One sided live to vinyl recording
7" vinyl record

5 minutes max


/ hour + $5.00 per disc

Multiple Live-To-Vinyl Records

Record several live to vinyl records, each unique with its own performance, all analog. Ultimate fan keepsake.


Sound Truck Session B

Two sided live to vinyl recording
7" vinyl record

5 minutes per side


/ hour


Book the truck per hour for your demo or album. Price includes engineer. This is an introductory rate.


Sound Truck Session C

Two sided live to vinyl recording
7" vinyl record

Instant digital copies
5 minutes per side


per copy

Live Recording + Copies

Record live in the truck then make vinyl record copies of that performance. Most cost effective for bands! Add this on to any package

American Sound Truck

22 London Rd,
Asheville NC 28803

Monday to Friday: 10am - 5pm

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