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Each 7″ live to vinyl session includes 1 to 2 songs recorded 100% analog to vinyl depending on package. At the end of the session you get your vinyl record with our retro labels and a paper sleeve! Right then and there! If you would like the engineer to dial in your sound for an even more professional recording, opt for an hourly session.
Yourself, a tuner, and your primary instrument! Feel free to use what ever your performance requires, we will do our best to accommodate unique set ups. If it is an eloborate set up of multiple instruments, please opt for an hourly session to dial in the instruments.

We can squeeze quite a few people! Depending on instrumentation, 4-5 people at a time. Ideal would be 1-3. 

  • Practice your songs daily before your visit.
  • The best kind of performance is not perfect. This is how some of the best recordings in history were made, with mistakes! So come in knowing that emotion and character beat perfection! Ya!
  • Bring a tuner
  • If playing with a band and not multi tracking, practice unplugged and focus on loudness of each instrument compared to the vocals. Know when to back off and when to kick into gear!
  • Electric amps can be used, just remember they can bleed into the vocal mic.
  • Keep hydrated and get plenty of rest
  • Know space is limited, so plan what you want to do for those large instruments (drums)
  • Get ready to have fun!!

Absolutely! You can rent the truck with an engineer hourly, for a couple days or even weeks for your next record. We have great analog to digital conversion, amazing vintage microphones, and analog outboard gear at an affordable rate. If wanting to do a full multi tracked session, we can do one instrument at a time, a couple players at once, solo artists, you name it! You could also record your whole next record live to vinyl, you pick!

Yes, we also own and operate American Vinyl Co where we can make you one more copy or 1000 more copies. Keep releasing special merch for your fan base! If you are on tour and only here for the day we can do our best to accommodate a same day short run to take to the rest of your shows.

Yes! Your first copy is never taken into the digital world. Although, when making more copies we will usually capture the session digitally either from the mixer or transfer your audio straight from the vinyl to digital to make more copies. You can also keep recording the same song over and over live to vinyl so each record is a unique performance, talk about unique merch.

We cut all records in the truck on a 1940s Presto 8n. These machines were built to last and over 70 years later, it is still making records! You would see these machines in recording studios such as Sun Records and other historical studios and broadcast stations all over the US.

The record lathe cuts into blank vinyl via a sharp diamond. As you perform, the energy from your voice/playing will be amplified and sent to the cutter head. The cutter head will vibrate the diamond into the plastic as the disc is rotating, carving out the excess plastic we call “chip”. Those engravings into the disc will contain the modulations of your performance to be played back on your turntable!

We encourage you to book a session to ensure an engineer is there to record you but feel free to come in or call and see if we have availability

Only one take per side. Option to purchase more time and additional records available

Digital Recording

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