Mixing by Ryan Schilling

Ryan Schilling

Professional Mixing & Lacquer Mastering Engineer

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American Vinyl Co and American Sound Truck creator Ryan Schilling has been mixing and recording artists for over 16 years. Fascinated with making vinyl records, Ryan flew to Germany to train to be a record cutting engineer in 2015. Specializing in Lacquer Mastering for the last 7 years has fine tuned his ears to identify where power, space, presence and warmth exist within a song and how to apply them uniquely for each project. Ryan listens to the artists vision first and foremost and then helps translate that into deliberate sonic adjustments. Get in touch to discuss your mixing, live recording, or record cutting project. Check out the Sound Truck Session videos for Ryans live recording examples.

Artists I've worked with

Descolada, Christy Lynn Band, Alexa Rose, Tall Tall Trees, Daniel Shearin, Younger. Youngest., Michael Flynn, Andrew Scotchie, David Lamotte, John Craigie, John Charles Dwyer, Shane Perish, Pierce Edens, Vaden Landers, Triumph of the Wild, Alex Krug, and more.

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Recorded By Ryan Schilling

Recorded & Mixed By Ryan Schilling

Best Recording - 2015 San Diego Music Awards

Triumph of the Wild - Self Titled

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